Warranty: Cactus Flow products are guaranteed against defects of material workmanship for One (1) Year from date of invoice provided such products are used normally and within the service and pressure range for which they were manufactured. This guarantee is limited to the repair, replacement or repayment of purchase price. Under no conditions will Cactus Flow products be liable for claim of labor for removal, repair or replacement of Cactus Flow products, or any other consequential damage.

Cancellation: Firm orders which have been accepted and entered are not cancellable except by written authorization from Cactus Flow, unused material may be returned upon written consent from Cactus Flow and credit will be issued only on material returned within one year from date of purchase. Cactus Flow reserves the right to deduct reconditioning and handling charges when issuing credit for returned material. Credit may be used only for the purchase of merchandise and is not subject to cash reimbursement or cash payments.is not subject to cash reimbursement or cash payments.